My name is Hailey and I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada. My husband and I just welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Nora, into the world this past January. While I was pregnant I was constantly looking online for affordable, stylish pieces to dress our little one in once she was earth side. I have so much fun dressing her up that we thought it would be fun to help you dress your littles up too! We hope you enjoy our shop and our pieces as much as we do! Thank you for your support! 
5% of every order will be donated to the IWK. For those who don’t know, the IWK, is a hospital for sick kids located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Growing up I spent time at the IWK as I had severe scoliosis and required extensive back surgery. Not only has the IWK helped me, they continue to help and support families everyday. This is my way of giving back.